About Simply Stranded Boutique

Hey guys!

My name is Flossie and I'm the owner of Simply Stranded Boutique. My company started out with taking a few jewelry making classes with my Mom about 13 years ago! Ok disclaimer... My business didn't start 13 years ago but it was my start into what I'm doing now. I started a jewelry business (Simply Stranded Design) in 2013 while working full time and it was mostly a hobby. In 2016 I started to ramp up production and energy into by jewelry business and started working part time with my regular job because my business was doing well.

I had a dream to take my business to the next level and open a clothing boutique. In 2017 I increased my jewelry sales to help fund my dream boutique! And now, I'm here! I'm opening my boutique and pushing forward with new goals and meeting so many friends along the way!

Personal: I was named after my Grandmother Florence and she was known as Flossie, so in inherited the nickname. Trust me, I know its an older sounding name.. I've been getting AARP mail since I had my own PO Box!!  I'm married to a wonderful man and we have a little baby boy named Reid. We also have a rambunctious 80lb black lab names Remi who is spoiled beyond belief. When it comes to the little things in life.... I love artichokes and and studio Ghibli anime movies (I know... my friends think it's weird too)! I also drink about 23 cups of coffee a day.. not really but I have a baby so I drink quite a bit of coffee throughout the day to keep my wheels turning!

Thank you visiting my boutique and thank you for all your support!